Harrison Hornsby

Age: 9 months
Hair: Ligtht Brown
Eyes: Hazel/Brown

subomi hodge 2_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Harrison is a happy, laid back, yet very energetic baby. Harrison enjoys being outside looking at the trees and feeling the wind brush his face. Harrison loves playing with his toys both independently and with others. He enjoys rattle toys, scrunch toys and normal objects which he can spend hours playing with. Harrison can crawl and is extremely close to standing up independently also. Harrison sits up without any support. Harrison loves to be in water and enjoys bath time very much. He is a vocal baby and it’s normal for you to see him before you hear him! Harrison is always full of energy but has a genuine laid back personality. He spends the majority time with family and is extremely happy to do so as he loves family time. Harrison enjoys playing with anything that rattles, being outside and spending time with family.