Layth Ali

Age: 7
Height: 3'9"
Chest: 24
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown

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I am Layth Ali and I love being on camera and dressing up. I mainly am interested in shooting commercials or tv adverts for different brands that promote kids clothing and sportswear but I am open for any film extra work. Currently I have not done any work or I am not currently working with any agencies for campaigns or adverts but I am excited to work with agencies that have a creative approach to modelling. I am available to travel to shoots all around London. I bring my energy and passion for modelling on and off camera. I have recently worked with photographers which I really enjoyed. I am very well behaved, confident and energetic in front of the camera, which makes me a good model for photography shoots and clothing brand adverts. I get on well with people and I am patient which enables me to hold a certain pose or wait around for a long time.

My hobbies are playing video games and playing football, I would say that I am very athletic. Website link with more details: