Leonie Wilcox

Age: 7 months
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown

subomi hodge 2_edited_edited_edited.jpg

I am a smiley, happy baby who loves to interact with all walks of life. I love the camera and love to laugh and giggle. I have an infectious stare and I am a very photogenic baby. I understand some basic information and very easy to make smile and belly laugh. My attention span is very good and love when the camera is out. I love to dress up for different occasions and love to try new outfits. I am versatile in what I wear and love my hair being done in different ways. I love to interact with new people, and I am very comfortable being held by anyone and enjoy the interaction. People smiling at me automatically makes me smile back. I enjoy funny faces, people and being cuddled and tickled, as this makes me smile and laugh the most. I have an infectious smile and regularly make facial expressions which I love to make when the camera is out.