Milani Saunders

Age: 1
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown

subomi hodge 2_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Milani has many hobbies, she loves to dance and sing along to music of all kinds, it's her favourite thing to do! Milani has a bright and playful imagination, she loves looking after all of her teddies and toys and playing pretend with them. Most recently, Milani has really taken an interest in swimming and splashing around in pools. Milani is big on sensory play and loves anything messy and fun to do that is really engaging, she also loves to draw and paint pictures. Milani loves to have books read to her and enjoys looking at all of the pictures and making the noises that come up while we're reading. Milani is a very talkative character and really tries to have conversations with family in English and Cantonese!