Robert Firuta

Age: 7
Height: 4'3"
Chest: 25
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue

subomi hodge 2_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Hello, I'm from Walsall, United Kingdom. At the moment my main job is going to school, however, I always manage to find some time for my real passions, which are related to some of my other gifts, football and modelling! Since I’ve known myself I was interested and passionate about posing, which I believe adds to my personal charm. I find joy when I get to go with my mom shopping, knowing that I might get to choose a new outfit if I’m lucky :D. Some of my best friends are girls ( I believe I’ve already told you about my charm? ). I hope to get into acting as well one day and blow mom kisses from the TV. Of course, there are lots and lots of other things to mention but why ruin your surprise of getting to know me personally? Xoxo, Robert