Theía Dougherty

Age: 4 months
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue

subomi hodge 2_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Hi, I’m a very happy baby and I love to play, smile and laugh. I get very excited if you talk to me and pull funny faces. I love having my photo taken, I’m quite the poser. I love laying down and playing with my toys. I’m getting better at tummy time and holding my head up for longer. I love colourful lights and watch the lights in my bedroom while mummy gets my bath and outfit ready for the day. I’m really quite a chatterbox and although I can’t say words yet I love to have a chit chat and make gurgling noises. I’ve just started holding things and love to play with my ball rattle and chew it. I like going out for walks in my pushchair and getting to look around outside. I also like having cuddles with my dog although I don’t think he feels the same.