Alexandros Pappas

Age: 31
Height: 5'11"
Chest: 47
Eyes: Hazel

subomi hodge.jpeg

I would consider myself a kind person with a lot of patience and common sense.

I am humble and I respect everyone that respects me.

I’m cheerful with a lot of positive energy.

Always on time and always with professionalism to whatever I do.

I believe in myself and I want to reach my full potential to whatever I put my mind on.

Also I am a very good listener and I pick up instructions really fast. A lot of people say that I’m quite confident as a person but I personally believe I have a lot of room for improvement that’s also one of the reasons i am pursuing this career.

I have a good relationship with my parents and my one brother they support me to whatever I do and all my friends are here for me.

I also consider myself a hard worker and I never give up.

I am also in to sports I love playing basketball and all kind of team sports.

I am a team player and I can work in a multilingual and multicultural environment.