Beejay Kenny

Age: 33
Height : 5'10"
Chest: 41
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown

subomi hodge.jpeg

I started out as child actor/Model while growing up in west midlands,UK, then I took a long hiatus from the industry to study acting as a course professionally and a subsequent degree at the university of Arts,Helsinki (Film acting,directing & Dramaturgy).Since then I have been casted in several TV programs,movies and commercial advertisements,both in England and Scandinavia (Finland,Sweden and Norway),My most recent roles are as an office architect in the Helsinki film TV series "Sijainen/The assistant", as a "supporting actor in "Best year ever/paras vuosi ikinä" aired on MTV3 in 2020 and as police officer in the crime thriller "stringers"2021,by Outline studios. I am a very adventurous and dedicated Actor/Model,and I treat every project with utmost excitement like its my first,My motto is; Simplex Munditiis. I speak English,Swedish,French and Finnish.