Ben Conlon

Age: 73
Height : 6'1"
Chest: 44
Hair: Grey
Eyes: Hazel/Green

subomi hodge.jpeg

As a Barrister and New York Attorney I have a great deal of experience as an advocate doing hundreds of jury trials on both sides of the pond over the past 30 plus years. In 2009 I ceased practice. I began writing, In January, as part of my research for a screenplay became an Extra. Furthermore, combined with my experience as an advocate gives me a good platform and grounding to adapt to the needs of this work. I have been kept relatively and have had several unaccredited speaking parts. I had my first accreditation in the film 'The Whistleblower', a pilot film for a series which has won several festival awards. I have been kept very busy even during the COVID lockdown. My intention is to progress into acting for which been auditioned and shortlisted. I have several bookings as an SA with many daily availability enquiries as well as auditions pending.