Damien Jackson

Age: 35
Height : 5'8"
Chest: 43
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Brown/Green

subomi hodge.jpeg

I’m interested in most sports but mainly football and MMA, I have competed in 2 MMA fights
and will be fighting my 3 rd fight in November. I enjoy every part from the training, to the walkout
then in to the cage and entertaining people in the crowd. It’s also a really good way for me to keep
fit. I also enjoy watching movies and listening to music, I do prefer horrors, crime and action movies.
I have been a chef most of my life from the age of 21 to 33, I now work part time in a shop near
home as my son lives with me full time so I’m looking into a different career.
I am genuinely just are happy guy, hard working, reliable, determined, I want to try and achieve
more in life and make a better future for me and my son. I am hoping to potentially get myself into
a Modeling and Acting career.