George Veck

Age: 25
Height : 5'10"
Chest: 39
Hair: Dark Blonde
Eyes: Green

subomi hodge.jpeg

Being hungry to embrace a variety of roles within acting, extra work, writing and directing, I'll bring passion, determination and devotion to any project I am attached to. I'm willing to travel anywhere to work and am eager to gain experience however it comes. I've appeared in various online series, most notably in the Loud Voices Silent Street's episode 'Society told me to' despite only being an actor for a few months up to now. I am fluent in and able to perform in both English and Welsh. I'm also a writer and regularly write short and feature length screenplays, my style of writing produces gritty, kitchen sink type films dealing with mental health and addiction for the most part. Further examples of my writing and acting work can be provided upon request.