Jedale Dornelly

Age: 24
Height: 5'5"
Chest: 38
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown

subomi hodge.jpeg

I like playing and watching sports; of the sports that I still play, I like football and basketball, but I have not played them in a while. I used to play other sports like tennis and cricket. I have probably played football the most, although I would be lying if I said I am as good as I used to be… but I can still give teams some trouble on a good day! I enjoy watching MMA but I do not take part in any forms of combat sports.

I enjoy working out but I no longer go to the gym. I used to frequently do home workouts - and I plan to get back into them. My physique is still more on the athletic side, but I will work on improving.

I enjoy dancing and my dance teacher (in secondary school) begged me to pursue it further but I chose to do other things. Although I have not done any kind lately, I enjoy performing - and that is part of why I want to get back into acting and I will touch on this topic shortly. I do not consider myself a dancer anymore but I will be more than happy to perform a choreographed piece or anything that is offered - as I am open minded.

It is a shame that I have left it alone for so long, but one of my passions is acting. I have always loved drama and as a teen, I performed a few times at the Hoxton Hall. I got a lot of good feedback but ventured into other things as I got older.

I enjoy music and sometimes write music. I would like to one day record some songs but I have not taken the time to do so as of yet.

As you can probably tell, I am a big fan of sports and entertainment. The sports side might not be as realistic as it once was, but I definitely feel like I can pursue acting - which is why I have decided to tap into this passion again and see where this road takes me.

I have several other passions and hobbies - as well as former passions/hobbies, but of the things that I would still like to pursue, acting is certainly the one I would like to follow and potentially start a career in. I am open to most things regarding acting; I have already done theater work so I am keen on trying other things whether it be small roles as an extra, or major roles on a TV programme/movie.

I am a very open minded person so although I have never thought of myself as a model, if the opportunity is there and someone is interested, I will be there.

If there are any other questions about my hobbies and interests, feel free to ask, but I believe I have listed the main things.

Other than what I have mentioned above (activities), I just really enjoy meeting new people and helping people. If any role allows me to do those things, it’ll always be a bonus.