Joel Motsepe

Age: 29
Height: 5'11"
Chest: 40
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black

subomi hodge.jpeg

I try to aim to be myself, even if it means that I stick out like a rabbi in a mosque. I was once told that I was more than just a pretty face, after revealing to a group of women that I was having in drink with in Canary Wharf who happened to work in the financial sector, that I was doing my dissertation on the financial crisis of 2008.

Have previous work experience in sales, retail, military training, factory work and hospitality. I’m mean cook. Love football and working out at the gym, though not a gym maniac. Being South African means that by default I’m also a mean dancer lol. Trying to learn how to swim at 29(rolling eyes). Also learning how to keep and stay out of trouble.
Ridiculously hilarious guy once you get to know me, even though I laugh at my own jokes before everyone else does ( if you wait for peoples validation to find your jokes funny you may find yourself waiting a lifetime) - food for thought -
I’m also very good at singing in the shower and just in the shower so don’t get any ideas.

Never modelled before, however I’m ardent to receive any guidance that may be offered. Definitely willing to travel for a great opportunity.