Liam Jackson

Age: 27
Height: 6'1"
Chest: 38
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown/Green

subomi hodge.jpeg

Throughout my life I've purused a multitude of hobbies currently including Jiujitsu, skateboarding, mountain biking yoga rock climbing and more recently walking my dog. Possesing an articulate manner, reading to my children nightly since the day they were born allowed me explore a multitude of charachters and personalities within fiction along with accents and intonations to emphasise emotion for my childrens entertainment. This enjoyment stems from my passion for drama which i discovered at gcse level. I can bring flair and creativity adourned wth proffessionalism and integrity helping create art that helps define the essence of what it means to be alive.. i can play various instruments but would say im a drummer at heart. Instruments i can play include guitar, bass guitar, drums and keyboard. Im also able to sing confidently and produce music effectively, writing poems as well. I can play football, rugby, occasional MMA sparring with my friends and im also a very skilled driver. I do a fair amount of parkour, my balance is extremely well honed and my agility is highly developed. I can play badminton and tennis, not profesionally but confidently also road biking is something I'm particularly good at. I play chess, poker and 21. I can swim, however not as well as I'd like. I regularly workout, including weight training and fitness/cardio work. I can dance, confidently, whether I move like beyonce remains to be seen, however I am not bothered in the slightest if someone were to comment on my moves... it's all about feeling the music. I fly drones recreationally at the moment giving me a greater understanding of how media can be obtained and allowing me me understanding of what a finished product would amount too. I'm skilled using most tools also can drive alot of plant machinery.