Nathaniel Chin

Age: 38
Height: 5'11"
Chest: 40
Waist: 33
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown

subomi hodge.jpeg

I am a cheeky chap who loves conscious and deep thought, an enquiring mind with a laugh and a smile. I write rhythms, rhymes, poems, and prose, giving wisdom in the form of spoken words and diverse thought-from my own minds eye,
so that we can all see eye-to-eye.

Trading lip-service and self-seeking for truth-seeking and world-healing. In the heat and the midst of ill logic, and reason and life’s many blows; be they kisses or jabs. Where, I dare to expose or explain my past-tense, and pretences in vain. My philosophy is my authenticity, pronounced with love, and through pain and profanity. A safe space for my so- called ‘shame’ in a less than blameless world, a discourse shared in the hope that my words will do a world of good for those reading.

Because the world needs less judges and saviours, and more dreamers and idealists.

More poems on my Instagram account @the_philosophers_poet (aka Natty Chin)