Owen Mason

Age: 23
Height: 5'10"
Chest: 37
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue

subomi hodge.jpeg

Friendly, professional, confident, creative, and highly adaptable. I love all forms of expression in art and cultural fashion; from the sophisticated fine-arts to urban/street graffiti. In accordance with the Kaizen principles, I am always looking to learn and improve; and spend a lot of time reading on philosophy, ancient wisdom and symbolism. I have a glass half-full approach to life, trusting the universe with manifestation and the theories of unlimited potential. Nature is beautiful, and I am non-discriminate towards people’s unique differences and cultural reference points (likely as a result of living abroad for 9 years).


- Born in West Bromwich
- Moved to the UAE when I was 10.
- Did my GCSE’s (9 A – B) and A levels (ABB) in Abu Dhabi.
- Has a BA (Hons) International Business & Management Degree from Oxford Brookes University
- Has a certificate in Electronic Music Production from Berklee School of Music
- Has a certificate in ‘Business & Entrepreneurship: Fashion, Media and the Creative Industries’ from Condé Nast College of Fashion and Design.
- Started my own Inclusive and Sustainable Streetwear Clothing Brand.
- Singer-Songwriter with self-made albums on Spotify, Apple Music, YT Music and Tidal.
- Loves to Perform: Singing (Jazz/Anything), Dancing (Hip-Hop/Anything), Acting, Modelling, Design.
- Notable stage roles include: Danny Zuko in Grease, Riff in West Side Story, Robin Goodfellow in Midsummer Night’s Dream, Billy Nolan in Carrie.
- Made it to Area finals (Manchester) for Open Mic UK.
- Performed a solo at the NIA (Birmingham) with stagecoach when I was 7.
- Was a runway model for Zara Kids in Abu Dhabi (aged 10), and catalogue model for a dance studio (aged 16)
- Can read and write Arabic.
- Speaks intermediate French.
- Clean Driving Licence


- Singing / Song writing
- Mixing / Mastering
- Freestyle Rapping with friends.
- Listening to music and building playlists.
- Collaborating with other Artists.
- Designing Products / Content for my Business + Artist profiles.
- Dancing
- Learning about Crypto / NFT’s
- Gym
- Going for walks / runs in nature
- Golf / Basketball / Football
- Meditation
- Reading Books (Ancient Philosophy)