Philip Svejnoha

Age: 64
Height : 5'7"
Chest: 44
Hair: Black/Grey
Eyes: Brown

subomi hodge.jpeg

I have been working within the TV / Film Industry for over 15 years & have just finished a advertising advert with Morrisons Supermarkets .I have been Involved In making numerous short films directing & producing/ acting In the films aswell. I've worked on Coronation Street as a Doctor& also a Doctor& Priest on Emmerdale/ working with Victoria Wood on her last production. Working on Hollywood &Bollywood films speaking role as a Detective on Untold Stories Documentary on Ian Brady & Mira Hindley...Numerous productions In the Lake District including Peter Rabbit. I work well in front of the Camera and take direction well.I am trained In side arms and holding my own Blank Firing guns,I am also Licensed to hold Shot guns I look well for my age and can pass for a lot younger.I hold a full clean driving license and have new car & capable of driving a 7 ton wagon aswell I have In the past have been told on numerous occasions that I am a double for Robert downy junior..