Sean Edwards

Age: 51
Height: 5'10"
Chest: 38
Waist: 34
Hair: Grey/Brown
Eyes: Blue

subomi hodge.jpeg

Hobbies include :
Capoeira, BBoying, DJing, Graffiti Art , Singing, Kung Fu,T ai Chi, Paddle Boarding.

Performing since a young age, in community theatre through to more commercial endeavours Sean has a wide variety of experience in the performance Industry . From tours dancing with George Michael and STOMP and working in Punchdrunks "Drowned Man" and Secret Cinemas "Moulin Rouge" as an actor . Sean has also worked in film Guy Ritchies Revolver Legend with Tom Hardy and Mission impossible with Tom Cruise. These are just the highlights out of a long list of work from over the years. Sean is keen to engage again within the Industry after a long sabbatical from performing, raising a son.