Dhanay Mehta

Age: 18
Height: 5'10"
Chest: 34
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown


I can define myself in one word , ambition. I believe sky is the limit if you’re passionate about something I don’t see why one can’t get success. I see myself committing completely to modelling and once I invest my time and energy to any field there is absolutely no stopping me. I believe in evolution and revolution, the world is changing in terms of fashion and technology and we should evolve with it. The most precious thing for me is time since once lost it cannot be re-gained . I have different perspectives as compared to the world one of them is instilled me which states money is a mere object and I control it and not the other way around . A person like me prefers to seize the moment and because of this positive attitude I tend to give 100% of my effort causing success to follow. I believe perfection can be attained and I intend to be perfect in front of camera . I am a sports fanatic and actively involved in football. I believe a healthy body is key to a healthy mind . I do not think fitness and muscle building is the same I would say being a versatile sportsman is essential for a human being . I think highly after the people who chase their dreams rather than giving up due to difficult circumstances. Ultimately I am convinced I am The One.