Jamie Thomas

Age: 18
Height: 5'11"
Waist: 32
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue


I love to bake and cook in my free time as I believe I’m amazing in the kitchen as everyone says. I am also really interested in pop music early 2000s and 90s are my favourite eras. Me as a person would be very bubble and talkative as I form connections easily and I stand out form most. ( I am hoping to use that to my advantage in this industry). I can also be very flirtatious too so I’m quite flexible with the type of work I can do if it’s sexy , funny , serious , tv or runway. I take my job seriously but I also have fun at the same time and form connections as I know how to control myself in that way.

I hope I am what you’re looking for and I hope I go far with this company and hope that this is a great start to my career.