Jason Wiredu

Age: 18
Height: 5'8"
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black


I’m a first generation Irish in my family tree, born in county Limerick but spent the majority of my life in a town called Droghedha, near the capital city Dublin.

From 14 to 17, I engaged in many sports, but I mainly played basketball. My most notable achievement being that I and as well as my teammates were able to win the all Ireland’s National Basketball Tournament in 2017/2018.

Being charismatic and sociable, I had given many public speeches/ talks, from brief sermons in my local church to graduation speech in my final year of secondary school.

I was athletic and full of energy. I began weight-lifting at 14 ,still weightlifting till this day. As my family had a interest in music, I naturally developed that same interest as I played lead pianist in my father’s church for 2 years.
The bulk of my teenage years were adventurous and , I travelled often, visiting different countries like s London, Spain, Armenia, etc.
I am currently attending university in Northampton, studying web development and cyber security. I play the piano for the local church, and am trying my luck in acting.