Missy Haysom

Age: 17
Height: 5'5"
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green/Blue


Hi! I am 5’5, brown buzzed hair (but i always love to dye it fancy colours from time to time!) and green/blue eyes. i go by they/them pronouns as i am non-binary but i am happy to model for feminine/ masculine clothing. i have had experience in the actor casting industry and have been put up for casting calls for characters on coronation street for one example. i attend Manchester School of Acting on the weekends (screen acting based school) as well as Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts weekly as it is my college. My hobbies include boxing, swimming, weight lifting, MMA, painting, running, animals (as i look after 7 of my own cats!) as well as this i love to do spoken word about the LGBTQIA+ community and being non-binary. i love singing and i am a mezzo suprano singer. I have had experience with horse riding and roller blading too. I have my lifeguard and first aid qualification also!