Nicholas Thomas

Age: 20
Height: 6'2"
Chest: 36
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown


I have always been someone who enjoys staying fit and active and have been participating in sport for as long as I can remember; including football, athletics and swimming.

For me this something that brings great joy and excitement. This aspect of my life has often allowed me to develop many life skills such as confidence, self motivation and discipline, of which have transferred into other areas such as with my work and general way that I conduct myself. In my spare time I like to doing things that help me to build up on myself, develop further and achieve
more such as: training at the gym, learning a new language and reading up and discovering more about
the world and how I can advance myself more in it.

I like to see myself as someone who is honest and well driven, willing to do whatever it takes to achieve whatever I set out for. And I believe that in modelling/talent industry this ties in well with what I want to accomplish.

Learning Spanish
Good level of endurance
Capable of agile and explosive movements