Sara Shaqiri

Age: 18
Height: 5'3"
Chest: 34
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Green


Hi, I’m a human rights activist whose passions take shape in a plethora of
different unrelated fields. I cannot say that I’m particularly an arts or a sciences person, even though I
am currently studying Genetics at The University of Manchester. Being part of a theatre for more than 9
years has made my love for arts be immeasurable and the singing concerts that I performed in from a
young age, gave me the confidence I possess today and taught me to be humble while believing that
everything is possible. The fashion shows that I organized in my neighborhood when I was only 9 years
old, make me love the child and the dreamer that still lives in me. And together with that, the NGOs that
I have worked with and the debate club I lead made me more mature and taught me how to manage
different types of situations with wisdom and equanimity.