Tyreiss Pedley

Age: 17
Height: 6'0"
Chest: 35
Hair: Black
Eyes: Dark Brown


I would describe myself as fun, confident, and funny, I love getting involved in
a lot of activities. I also love doing tiktoks and trying to get myself out there
because I’d love to show people my character and what I’m like when I’m just
being myself. I’m also a trending and a hip-hop dancer, I’ve been dancing
since I was 11 and I got my inspiration from my favourite artist which is
Michael Jackson who created a variety of moves and the famous moon walk.
I’m the type of person to always jump in YouTube videos with my friends and
make crazy and fun content and just being ourself which leads to me being
more confident. I’ve always wanted to be a triple threat and be successful in
dance being a model and also having my own business and I want to work
towards all of them. One thing I also love is music , music is like my happy
place I blast it always on full volume and just vibe until I have 0 energy left.