Angela Michael

Age: 51
Height: 4'11"
Chest: 34
Waist: 28
Hips: 38
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown

david charles cully

I'm a professional Singer & Song writer, I'm also a Vocal Coach. I'm also a member of a community choir. I'm confident in singing lead and backing vocas, I'm very skilled with harmonising and I have a very good musical ear, I play the piano by ear and I can also read sheet music. I am a Dancer skilled in hip hop, contemporary dance, modern dance, jazz, I can do a bit of Salsa & I am now starting tap dancing. I'm new to acting but I've always been told that I have the talent for it from a very young age and is something that I've always dreamed of doing. Also new to modelling and is something I've always wanted to do, so I thought I'd follow my dreams and go for it. I will definitely welcome the opportunity to be able to be a part of your agency & fulfilling my dreams. I'm a very hard working, positive, friendly person and I'm always willing to try at new things. I do love a challenge and believe that one can achieve anything they put their mind to.

My hobbies are:-
Listening to music, Dancing, singing, song writing, playing the piano, playing the guitar, roller skating, ice skating, cycling, keeping fit & travelling.

I can do some accents:-
Posh English speaking