Daniela Jerbi

Age: 24
Height: 5'4"
Chest: 28
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Brown

david charles cully

I'm outgoing and bubbly, I can definitely be a little bit feisty! That's after I get to know you haha! When you first meet me, I can be a little shy but it doesn’t take long for the loud, fun me to show. Putting other people before myself is one of my best traits and I am very caring. My friends will tell you; I’m straight talking, funny and spontaneous. I am a very active person, who loves going to the gym. The majority of the time I like to be out and about and seeing new places. Recently I went travelling and it was an amazing experience that I am keen to do more of! Thats one side of me, but there’s also a much more chilled side. I like to party but I equally work hard and love a night in with a takeaway and a movie. Once my mind is set on getting something done whether it be work or apply to be a model, I will always go through with it, no matter how long it takes. All in all, what you see is what you get... most of the time :) Some of my hobbies include socialising, working out, festivals and movie nights.