Oana Padurean

Age: 42
Chest: 32
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown

david charles cully

I was lucky to have the oportunity to have a live cooking morning show at my local tv network back home ,so I have some experince with a camera,and I 'm feeling very well in front of it.

I enjoy to play some poker texas hold'em with my friends,so I'll be very good in a tv comercial games for example.I know what professional work is so I 'm never late or better I'm always early to my jobs.

I love to be in the spotlight to feel special and I'm comunicative person,sociable,I love talking with people,I love to work in a good environment wich aloud me to be my self to enjoy what I'm doing.

I speak 3 language(romanian,english,italian) so I'm an inteligent person .

I'm a quick learner and humble person .

I've done some photo shoots for a Christmas greetings, and for a website page for eating psychology and healthy eating.