Remeaise Irish-Downes

Age: 63
Height: 5'0"
Chest: 43
Hair: Grey/Black
Eyes: Brown

david charles cully

I am a black female born and educated in London, I have bags of confidence, which has developed with age. I am bubbly and charismatic with a good sense of humour. My experience has been in the fashion industry from a young age. Panning 15 years.

I've been working as an extra/support artist in various tv ads since 2016 and have been contacted for other roles such as a grandmother in 'The worlds most Evil serial killers, Thierry Paulin documentary based on a true story modelling, voice overs or as an extra in a small part. In 2016 I was short listed then chosen for an Aviva sponsored Ad for ITV3 in the afternoons, it was aired online and then on cable TV in USA. I am very much a people person and would love a role that embraces my personality, as someone full of life. I also played a grandma role to a serial killer in "The Worlds Most Evil Serial Killers. I have been in a few Tv Ads, music videos, a refugee role in a Netflix Film releasing 2022. My extra work continues.