Winona Kate Clemente

Age: 24
Height: 5'3"
Chest: 35
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown

david charles cully

Hi. I grew up on a very beautiful province in the Philippines called Tumauini, Isabela. I grew up to be a very independent woman because as a young age my parents have to move out of province and move to the city to be able to provide for me and my siblings. Moving to the UK has taught me a lot, like being responsible, more independent, provide for myself and also to help out my parents. I am a very active person. I play a lot of sports and good at it, I am also very competitive when it comes to sports, ie… Badminton, basketball, sometimes swimming and i am currently in a semi-professional volleyball team. My other hobbies that i am interested in are dancing, singing, drawing and a little bit of playing guitar. I am a very jolly, funny, and friendly person. I cannot wait to discover other things about me and what I’m good at in the near future.